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Database Programming

Most software applications have data at their heart, organised databases make it possible for software to query, aggregate, edit and compare data.

With extensive database programming knowledge we can build a completely new database or develop an add-on to an existing database to speed up the time consuming data entry processes most organisations find themselves having to complete these days.

Database Programming

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Our database development service is totally bespoke, this ensures we can match your requirements exactly, some of the database development services we offer include;

Order and billing, Data mining, Data cleansing, Customer databases, Database add-ons, (however we’re always delighted to match our brain power to unique and innovative challenges often needed by our clients)

Order & Billing – Store order details, manage current status of orders, create useful order reports, minimise errors when processing repetitive data entry, generate invoice, track payments, send reminders, automatically create invoices for recurring orders

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Data Mining – Used to detect patterns and provide additional meaing from the information available, helping you make better informed decisions, can be used for; assessing employee performance, analysing marketing effectiveness, detect suspicious or fraudulent activity, detect sales paterns

Data Cleansing – helps with these types of common issues, corrupt data, duplicated data, missing data, inaccurate data, invalid data, incomplete data, we can develop a bespoke solution to help cleanse your data based on your indiviual usage requirements

Customer Databases – Sort your customers into groups, organise your sales reports, easily access sales reports, review marketing efforts and many more applications. Customer databases can be utilised to enhance and improve all aspects of your business no matter how large or small your organisation.They help to geneate a wealth of information to improve and grow business. If you need a more advanced solution then our CRM systems developed totally bespoke can be utilised to enhance your business

Database add-ons – When you need more form your databse we can create add-ons to provide increased functionality. Our experienced developers can create labour saving add-ons for the most frequently processed data, saving you time and ensuring that repetive tasks are error free.