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Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO is especially complex, requiring both language and independent processes needing to be being employed to ensure that search engines can crawl and understand your website.

The aim of Horizon Interactive's Multilingual SEO service is to make your website more visible in search engines across new markets where English is not the first language and to ensure your companies web site is relevant and appropriate for the specific market being targeted.

Our process starts with an audit of your web site in order to create an action plan of the short, medium and long-term needs for improving ranking across your target market(s).

Multilingual SEO.

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Following which we review the keywords and phrases that will drive traffic to your web site and then optimise the code.

Once completed we look at the localisation issues which differ geographically and address issues such as header, keyword density, keyword prominence, internal linking etc, ensuring all are relevant to the target market and addressing any translation issues with site copy which do arise.

Link building in local markets, online PR and adoption of local Social Media strategies bolster search engine rankings and traffic accordingly.