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Ten Benefits Of Pay per check

  1. Results are instant.
  2. Costs are based on response.
  3. Adwords can be reactive.
  4. Reach active searchers.
  5. PPC can build brand awareness.
  6. Work within affordable budgets.
  7. PPC advertising is scaleable.
  8. Risks are low.
  9. Set a precise target audience.
  10. Complete with larger businesses.

Pay Per Click Ad Management.

FREE PPC Health Check.

A PPC Manager will take a look at what your Google Adwords activity and produce a six page report highlighting various aspects of your campaigns.

Ultimately, we hope you'll allow us to manage your PPC ads for a % of the monthly spend – but there's no pressure to buy!

Pay Per Click Ad Management.


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Running a PPC - Pay-per-Click - marketing campaign can put an enormous strain on a business' resources. It can be very expensive and time consuming, with little return for your efforts if you do not have the requisite knowledge and experience. PPC has become even more complicated than SEO owing to the complex quality score algorithms utilised by the search engines.

There are some businesses who have become successful with their use of PPC and whose keywords manage to hog the top positions in sponsored search results. These businesses are successfully exploiting PPC's lucrative revenue opportunities and the big question is: "Just how are they doing it?"

Obviously these companies are doing something right. Here are some of the techniques used by businesses to drive a successful PPC marketing campaign.

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What the Report Covers.

The 6-page report is provided in PDF format and graphically illustrates how well your existing campaign is being run.

1. Impression and Click Trends.

2. Position and Conversion Trends.

3. Key Performance Indicators.

What's the Catch?

Offering something for free can sometimes be met with some scepticism.

The reason why we are offering a free PPC Health check report is because we hope you'll find the information useful and if it flags up some shortcomings in terms of how the account is currently managed, you will consider giving Web Windows the task of managing it for you

Higher rankings for lower rates.

The image to the right explains the six factors which influence your Google Quality Score. Why bother? Because if your score is high it means that you can get away with bidding considerably less for keywords and at the same time benefit from higher rankings.

Adword ranking = Bid price x Quality Score

Web Windows PPC Managers will know from experience, how to increase your quality score and in doing so easily justify the 10% they charge for managing your account.

The benefits are:

1. Higher rankings.

2. Lower costs.

3. Frees up your time.

  • Understanding that return of investment is more important than a keyword reaching the No1 spot.
  • Not using broad match types for bidding and avoiding geo-targeting that is too wide or too narrow.
  • Using ad groups that are tightly relevant.
  • Making sure any seed keyword in the ad group is contained in the ad copy, which is then included on the landing page.
  • Ad copy being creative and attractive and including a call-to-action.
  • Using ad copy which is seasonal
  • Ad copy performance being tested in relation to conversion and not just CTR.
  • Searching network partners for irrelevant or fraudulent traffic which should be excluded.
  • Ensuring competitors cannot seize traffic intended for them by aggressively bidding on their own brand, and also bidding for direct competitor brand terms.
  • The monitor and control of affiliate search activity.
  • Content match campaigns being kept separate from search campaigns.
  • Engaging in technically sophisticated campaign tracking and analytics.
  • The use of negative keywords for the effective eradication of irrelevant traffic and to improve CTR and quality score.
  • Using deep linking keywords for any relevant content products within the website rather than delivering it only to the home page.
  • Converting PPC by building dedicated landing pages or campaign sites.

A PPC marketing campaign puts heavy demands on a business's time, skills and resources. especially if they try to run it in-house. Without the necessary expertise behind it such a campaign will be costly, both in direct and opportunity cost, as well as ineffective.

If your business lacks the necessary skills and resources to run an effective PPC marketing campaign then it is in your own best interest to outsource. The cost of outsourcing will be more than compensated for by having a PPC campaign that is effective and which ultimately delivers increased business.

The expense of outsourcing a PCC marketing campaign is dwarfed by the costs of an ineffective campaign and the potential loss of business.

We can provide you with not only the required expertise, but also first rate levels of service. We also offer a risk free pricing model on which you will pay only for results.

By outsourcing your PPC marketing campaign to us you will benefit from:

  • Dramatic increases in brand exposure and revenue as your business benefits from a PPC campaign developed by our specialist team, embracing management methodologies which are the most sophisticated in the industry.
  • Our large team of specialists who have excellent knowledge and experience in PPC and paid research.
  • Being safe in the knowledge that your cutting edge PPC marketing campaign is being constantly monitored by our outstanding Paid Search Specialists.