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Facebook Pages - We make it easy

At Horizon Interactive we make the set up and design of your Facebook Business Page simple and straight forward, without technical jargon.

Efficient and speedy set up to have you online quickly.

Facebook Pages - We make it easy.

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By handling all aspects of your Facebook Page set up including the registration of the page, design of your profile image(s) and logo, your Welcome Page and other essential elements such as Facebook Fan Gateways, Facebook Coupon Pages and Contact Pages, your Facebook pages are up and running in no time at all.

What We Do for You.

1. Build Facebook Business Pages.

Facebook is the perfect place to promote and build your network for your business.

Having a professionally designed custom Facebook Business Page is a great way of standing out from the competition, at the same time maintaining that professional look and feel of your brand.

Large or small, it doesn't matter if you're well established or unknown, there are always new opportunities that can be reached through Facebook and its networking capabilities.

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2. Set up and Manage Facebook Pay Per Click Management.

Facebook, like the major search engines have their own PPC ads, these are designed to target a specific audience, which means users that click on an advertisement are actually interested in the product being advertised.

Facebook lets advertising businesses choose the audience for their advertisement based on their interests, demographics and various other options . This means that your advertisement will only be shown to users that have previously expressed some interest in the product or service you are promoting.

The option to select topics and interests from a wide range of variables is a perfect way for advertisers to pick the right target audience and is far more more specific than other pay per click programs.

This advanced demographic targeting method helps to drastically increase the conversation and click through rates of web site visitors that have been attracted because of the Facebook ad.

3. We Build Facebook Fans.

Facebook Fan Campaigns are a quick way of building the number of followers/fans , the methods adopted are similar in method and architecture to Facebook PPC, but from the clients' perspective we are given a demographic profile and a fan target volume to achieve.

So in essence you are purchasing Facebook fans for the specified page based on results, instead of paying pay per click advertising.

It's a much simpler way to execute a marketing brief, as an example a client can simply specify that the Business Fan Page requires 3,000 UK based male fans, aged between 18 to 35.