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Software Development

An increasing number of customers require specific enhancements to their sites. This is where the use of 'scripts' and web applications enable you to make your web site stand out from the crowd, making it more interactive and professional looking.

We have written all sorts of applications for clients in the past, ranging from mortgage application forms to full database driven e-commerce systems with payment processing.

Software Development

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Our custom applications are tested rigorously to ensure the script fits in with our clients existing design and that they are 100% happy with the functionality of the script.

No matter how big or small your project is, from a full blown Content Management System to a small appointment calendar, Horizon Interactive can rise to the challenge.

Examples include;
Automated Business Processes.
Labour saving utilities.
CRM Systems.
Mobile software.

Our guarantee of continued support will ensure your bespoke applications last a lifetime. Virtually all of the applications and scripts that we develop come with a password protected admin control panel, allowing you to log in securely and administer the users, content or other aspect's of the application or web site.